Guaranteed Reliability
U.S.Compressor’s commitment to superior performance and reliability continues long after the original sale. All U.S. Compressor rotary screw compressors are backed by a 10 year limited warranty which represents U.S. Compressor’s dedication to giving you only the best.

Service Commitment
U.S. Compressor designs and manufactures the highest quality rotary screw air compressors in the industry. The U.S. distributor and factory service organizations are able to maintain their technical superiority by attending regular factory sponsored service training course. When you combine U.S. Compressor quality with our ability to provide service it is easy to understand how U.S. compressor has been able to maintain its leadership position.

Inventory Support
Downtime is very expensive. Your local U.S. Compressor distributor is committed to stocking the parts you need and having them on hand when you need them. Our Master Distribution Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota supports our distribution network with 24-hour shipment of most emergency orders. When you choose a U.S. Compressor rotary screw air compressor you can rest assured if you should ever need help, U.S. Compressor will be there.